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Silvestri Dry Cleaners

69 Fuller Rd Albany, NY 12205


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Silvestri Dry Cleaners

69 Fuller Rd
Albany , NY 12205

This family owned dry cleaning business has been very reliable and dependable for over 30 years. They have not changed ownership over the years and is run with great care and concern for customer satisfaction. I wish there were more businesses that took so much pride in their work and quality. They have stood the test of time and do the right thing no matter what it takes. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Silvestri for being there for us, no matter how challenging our requests are. You help us look great and we could not be more grateful for your customer dedication and excellent service.

Pros: Meet deadlines and special requests. Attention to details.

Cons: None

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Jul 22, 2013
By: gina

Silvestri Dry Cleaners

69 Fuller Rd
Albany , NY 12205

I initially was going to leave a fairly decent review as the employees at the Vly road location are great. I have had many poorly pressed shirts over the past few months but did not complain. I finally mention that my shirts have recently been returned me in bad shape and Mr. Silvestri offers my next batch at no charge. I am greatful and accept. I then return to pick up my clothes and my slacks are done but no shirts (8 to be exact). I must mention that she kept (1) poorly pressed shirt for me "in case I needed one" very thoughtful I must say. I sent it back as well. They sent them back again because they were unacceptable. I called the main office and was told only a few were bad, not the whole batch, but I trust the employees that sent them back, they know me very well. I waited until the next day and return again only to find 3 are ready. The 5 were sent back again. Seriously, I cant make this up. I again call the main office where I had terrible customer service and was scolded for not calling Mr. Silvestri back yesterday as I had said I would do. She said, "your the one... you were supposed to call back yesterday! Mr Silvestri waited all day for your call..." lol... I am very busy with my work schedule. I felt like a kid in kindergarten again... So basically, the service is terrible, the quality is terrible, and the follow up with the poor quality is terrible. Thank you Vly Rd employees for making your best effort at saving a very loyal customer all this time. Unfortunately, I must move on. I will try out capital cleaners and see how I am treated. It too is right around the corner.

Pros: Nothing

Cons: Everything

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Jul 10, 2013
By: Dan